Canadian Computer Measurement Group

CMG Canada was formed in 1985 by: Gabe Gewurtz, Bill Gray, Harry Zimmer, Tony Mungal, Mick Devereau, Geoff Senson, and Mike Osborn.

The Computer Measurement Group evolved out of the need to provide an exchange forum for ideas and methodologies amongst data processing professionals in an unbiased, non-vendor setting. From the formation of the first CMG group in 1975 in the United States, it's dedication to providing education, networking, leadership opportunities, and reliable technical information has been exemplary.


Current directors:

Tony Mungal

Gabe Gewurtz

Don Melton

Peter Livingston

John Slobodnik

Jonathan Gladstone


Other Directors since CMG’s Initial formation have been: (in alpha order)

Wally Cringan

Barb Crowther

Mick Devereau

Ed Drozdz

Phil Enright

Bill Gray

Jeff Hammond

Chris Howling

Pat Hunter

Mark Kelly

Carl Kyonka

Kevin Martin

Imtiaz Mia

Edna Morrison

Mike Osborn

Geoff Senson

Greg Swanson

Vikas Verma

George Warren

Harry Zimmer


I am still sourcing this information, so if you were a past director, or you know someone who was a past director please email me with the info so I can get this as complete as possible. Also verify this list as best you can. 

The focus of CMG has evolved over the years to reflect the changing trends and climate of this dynamic IT industry. Today the focus is on providing information on at least the following:

  • traditional mainframe computer systems (Enterprise Systems)
  • Open Systems
  • emerging technologies
  • networks
  • I/O subsystems
  • performance methodologies
  • capacity planning methodologies
  • management skills and career enrichment

Meetings held at C’est_What  67 Front Street E.  Toronto


Note: If you have a presentation that that you would be willing to share at a future date, on any related topics please contact any one of our co-chairs , , or  


If you have not joined yet, take this opportunity and peruse our membership page.