Mailing Address:

     CMG Canada, 123 Queen St. W., Box 329

Toronto, Ontario, M5H 3M9

                                                Anthony Mungal, Consultant

President:                  Phone: (561)241-3151 x2727




Program            Jonathan Gladstone, BMO Financial Group

Chairperson:               Phone: (416)502-5601



Program            Peter Livingston, BMO Financial Group

CO-Chairperson/              Phone: (416)502-4738

Webmaster:                  E-mail:



Membership            John Slobodnik, Cogeco Connexion 

                              Phone: (289)337-7981

                              E-mail: john,


Treasurer:            Gabe Gewurtz

(Handing off)                 phone: (416)492-1946



Treasurer:            Ashley Wheelan,   BMO Financial Group

(transitioning)               phone: (705)717-7610



TBD:                 John Baker,  IntelliMagic

                              phone: (416)492-1946






Retired from board recently:     

Don Melton, Vatic Technologies




NOTE some of our current directors would like to step down after many years of service.  If you would like to be a director or help out with our organization,  please contact Johnathan Gladstone, John Slobodnik, or Peter Livingston at above emails or phone numbers. .