Canadian Computer Measurement Group

Note: May 26/27, 2020   2 day Conf. is Cancelled (see announcements for more details)

The current directors for CMG Canada are:

     Tony Mungal, Peter Livingston, Jonathan Gladstone, John Slobodnik, Ashley Wheelan,  John Baker and Clive Catt.   

See our Directors page for their roles and contact info.


   Our meetings occur 3 times a year. There are 2 one day Seminars (Oct & Feb), and 1 two day conference (Apr). We will on occasion have a 4th session, however this is rare.


   For The 2 day conference we try to have a mainframe day and a distributed day, if we can, sometimes there is overlap of one into the other.  The single day Seminars may either be a single theme or can be a mixed topic agenda. 


   We welcome Vendors to present new and developing technologies, or technologies that seem popular or are undergoing change. We also encourage customers to share their experiences with performance issues or share their experience with vendor tools, in presentation form.

Both vendors and customers can be members and can present, and we encourage lively interaction from the member and presenter audience.


   The current meeting location is C’est What restaurant, which is an eclectic craft brewery/restaurant. This venue has a room that offers a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere to present topics and discuss the current and emerging technologies of Computer Measurement, Performance, Capacity and other performance related topics, via the presentation format.


   The venue being a full service restaurant gives us the opportunity to relax after presentations are over, and allow more general discussion about the day’s proceedings, and to reconnect with fellow performance colleagues we have not seen for a while.

CMG Focus

The focus of CMG has evolved over the years to reflect the changing trends and climate of this dynamic IT industry. Today the focus is on providing information on at least the following:


Meetings held at C’est_What  67 Front Street E.  Toronto


Note: If you have a presentation that that you would be willing to share at a future date, on any related topics please contact any one of our co-chairs , , or    


If you have not joined yet, take this opportunity and peruse our membership page.